Who Needs Full Time HR?

Who Needs Full Time HR?
I just need them when I need them…..

Occasionally you need a little help, sometimes in house HR just doesn’t fit your needs.

Guess what? You’re not alone.

There are plenty of small to medium sized businesses who simply don’t have the resources to staff a full time HR Professional. And there are plenty of large organizations that may not have the right HR complement for a one-off situation.

That’s when you have to go hunting for the right HR solution for your business- and that can be perplexing.

There’s a solution to your conundrum.

Call in an HR Professional.

Call them in when just when you need them. There are lots of potential benefits to bringing in Professional, and here are just a few:

Just in Time Support
Need to hire a senior manager, terminate a current one, develop and implement a new policy, conduct an employee survey, or do you need advise on managing a leadership issue? Sometimes you need someone to help with the details and provide solid advice. An HR Professional has the experience and ability to help you develop and administer risk-minimizing procedures within each of these areas.

It’s like your mechanic; you use their services when you need them….  you just don’t need them around all the time!

Cheaper than Full Time In-House
Many businesses simply don’t have the resources to staff an in-house HR expert. However, trying to manage human resources yourself may leave you spending more of your time and money in the end. When you work with an outside expert, you get the benefits of effective HR management without the cost of having a full time professional manager on staff.

Solutions for Your Business
A dedicated, experienced HR expert understands the importance of matching your HR procedures to the specific culture and vision of your company. Unlike hiring an HR manager in-house, outside experts can assess your needs from an objective perspective.Because this person isn’t at risk for termination or other repercussions, she is able to honestly advise you on areas of weakness and strength.

This gives you the advantage of innovative ideas and fresh solutions.

Protection for Your Business
Ever changing legislation, Worksafe rules, etc can lead your business straight into a law suit if you’re not on top of them, You do not want to find yourself in a legal tangle. Even some of the most blameless activities on the part of your organizations or its managers can have legal repercussions. An outside HR Professional can advise you on the best ways to handle various situations in order to avoid negative consequences. From hiring and firing to interoffice relations, to legislative changes, it’s important to know what’s acceptable and what isn’t. HR experts are familiar with the laws in your area and can help you stay in compliance, minimize risks and keep your company protected.

Do you have an HR Professional at the ready?

If not, we are only a call….or a click away.