The Roots of Sarkany Management Inc.

So, many people have been asking- why venture out on my own? Why consult?

Well, after years of being a small fish in some big ponds, as in some really big multi-national ponds – I wanted to take the leap, to be a big fish in my own little pond.  As it were, it was an accidental leap if you will.  Well, perhaps more of an unintentional leap at the time – but a well thought out leap. I knew this was something I always something I wanted to do.  I had some fabulous mentors in my careers who had encouraged me to take this leap long ago.   Either way, here I am today.

My Bragg family roots are deeply embedded in the Western Canadian business market, from transportation to land management and from property management to construction.  Being an HR Professional over the span of my career, it was not a stretch to become a principal, consultant offering my own brand of human resource services, I certainly had the experience across a wide path of industries!

That path led me to Sarkany Management Inc.

“What is with the Sarkany name”?  That’s the second question I get right after “why did you go out on your own?”  Will save that story for another day.

So, while I was pondering what to do next in this life, I could not escape the bond I had to coaching, mentoring, leadership development, organizational effectiveness and performance management.  And it seemed that all lot of people in my professional circles didn’t want me to escape it, because they certainly weren’t letting me escape it.  My phone started ringing more and more.  People were seeking input, advice, research, and data.  From a colleague who knew of a guy who was on a board of directors who needed some external advise, to a sales team who required a look at their organizational structure, to a local firm that needed some strategic recruitment assistance.  Anyway, it grew- through word of mouth and some fabulous contacts.

And so it was – Sarkany Management Inc. was born.