Almost everything in business depends upon the competency of your employees; therefore, the people you hire is critical to your success.

What you want to do is hire the best person for the job. What you don’t want to do is find yourself defending your practices.

Do you ever feel that the workplace is becoming a minefield of what not to say and what not to do? Well, the hiring practice is no exception. Are you asking the right – let alone legal questions?

In this session participants will learn;

  • To hire the best people possible from inside or outside of the organization to fill open positions.
  • How to comply with Canadian laws in the hiring process.
  • Best practices to ensure that unintentional discrimination does not go unchecked in your workplace.
  • How to identify the many forms of discriminatory hiring practices.
  • Some key takeaways and best practices to implement in your workplace.
  • The 7 practical steps to a successful interview, from advertising through to selection.