Distracted Driving, New BC Regulations.

Anyone ticketed for Distracted Driving in B.C. will be facing some very new and some very expensive penalties.


Effective June 1, a first-time distracted driving ticket in B.C.

will cost you a total of $543.

Distracted drivers beware- the fine for using a phone or other hand-held electronic device while driving has escalated from $167 to a minimum $368.

Additionally, the number of penalty points on your driving record is moving from three to four, meaning offenders will have to pay another $175 penalty- totally a whopping $543! And keep in mind if you collect more than three points on your driving record in 12 months, ICBC charges you a Driver Penalty Point (DPP) premium.

If offenders are caught a second time within 12 months, the total penalty will jump to $888, and repeat offenders could lose their licences for three to 12 months. A third offence would cost a driver more than $3,000.

There are some exceptions to the rules. Drivers are permitted to use their hand-held devices when safely parked in a place where they are not impeding traffic, or when making an emergency call to police, fire or ambulance.

Drivers are also permitted to use hands-free devices, but only if they are not holding their phones, and not driving under a novice or learner’s licence.

Visit http://www.icbc.com/road-safety/crashes-happen/Distracted-driving for more information.

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