Cannabis in the Workplace

Canada has legalized recreational cannabis. Is your organization prepared?

What are the rights, responsibilities and risks to employers regarding cannabis in the workplace? What is the impact of recreational or medical use of this drug on your organization and for those in safety-sensitive positions? For medical use, how do you manage the duty to accommodate process? Do you have the appropriate policy framework in place to face related challenges?

In this informative session, you will:

  • Learn more about the federal “Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations”.
  • Discuss the ramifications on Canadian public policy, and specifically employers, post legalization.
  • Understand that a “prescription” for cannabis does not give an employee the absolute right to use it in the workplace.
  • Recognize your rights when it comes to those in Safety-Sensitive positions.
  • Discuss employee and employer obligations with regard to the use of both recreational and medicinal cannabis.
  • Recognize the rights, responsibilities and risks for both employers and employees to avoid unnecessary litigation.
  • Identify the various ways the use of cannabis impacts the employer-employee relationship, and what you can do about it.
  • Identify what employers should be doing now that legalization is here, by reviewing their workplace drug and alcohol policies.