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Sarkany Management Presents at Concrete BC AGM

Pamela Bragg of Sarkany Management Inc.  presented to the Concrete BC Association Delegates at their AGM in Victoria about the significant impacts on the workplace that proposed changes to the legalization of marjuana and the unprecedented challenges this will bring. This presentation was part of a three part series commissioned by the Association.

Cannabis in the Workplace: Rights, Responsibilities & Risks -2017 Workshops

Sarkany Management is proud to be presenting “Cannabis in the Workplace; Rights, Responsibilities & Risks“,  workshops for the BC Trucking Association and its members. Non members also welcome. Follow link below. Watch the BCTA training calendar for more dates to come in 2017. http://www.bctrucking.com/training/cannabis-workplace-rights-responsibilities-risks-workshop With the legalization of cannabis expected in 2017, employers should prepare […]

Resilience in the Workplace

Why is it that Resilience is an underrated and quite frankly, often ignored workplace competency? This one critical skill can help measure a persons ability to be effective as a leader (…& in life). Yet in a world of workplace competencies measuring and assessing everything from Financial Acumen, Motivating Others, Technical Skills, Developing Others, Patience to Political […]

Bullying & Harassment in the Workplace

Does your organization still not have a Workplace Bullying and Harassment Policy in place? I am always surprised when I meet a client and discover that they do not yet have a formal Workplace Bullying & Harassment policy or procedure in place!  Almost three years ago, in November of 2013 WorkSafeBC introduced Occupational Health and Safety […]

Canada Pension Plan Changes. What Does This Mean for Workers & Employers?

In The News Canada Pension Plan Changes Most of Canada’s finance ministers reached an agreement in principle this week to revamp the Canada Pension Plan. Quebec and Manitoba have not signed on to the deal. Quebec has its own pension plan, and Manitoba will continue to be part of the process yet the deal comes […]

Distracted Driving, New BC Regulations.

Anyone ticketed for Distracted Driving in B.C. will be facing some very new and some very expensive penalties.   Effective June 1, a first-time distracted driving ticket in B.C. will cost you a total of $543. Distracted drivers beware- the fine for using a phone or other hand-held electronic device while driving has escalated from $167 […]

At the intersection of occupational safety and workplace accommodations is the quandary around medical marijuana.

We all know medical marijuana use is on the rise, and Health Canada expects the numbers to continue to skyrocket.  As such, workplace accommodations will pose a complex issue for employers who will have to wrestle with the “duty to accommodate” on one side and “occupational safety” on the other (never mind public perception and […]

Corporate Blogging. Risk vs. Reward

Corporate Blogging:  Risk vs. Reward Blogging is an integral part of building your brand, and corporations now view blogging as a CRITICAL tool for many purposes, including marketing products and services, building good will and brand loyalty, putting a human face on the corporation, countering negative publicity, and simplifying communications with current and potential customers. Consequently, […]

Employee Agreements: employers need to sweeten the pot if they want to add one after the fact

Howard Levitt captured this topic perfectly. Mr. Levitt is senior partner of Levitt & Grosman LLP, employment and labour lawyers. Too frequently, new business owners, as well as companies large enough to know better, request employment contracts for employees who have already started working at the company. And that’s a problem. An employment agreement is […]

Who Needs Full Time HR?

Who Needs Full Time HR? I just need them when I need them….. Occasionally you need a little help, sometimes in house HR just doesn’t fit your needs. Guess what? You’re not alone. There are plenty of small to medium sized businesses who simply don’t have the resources to staff a full time HR Professional. […]